We are proud to announce the second biannual PRIMatE Data and Resource Exchange (PRIME-DRE) Global Collaboration Workshop (GCW). Due to the pandemic, this year’s workshop will take place virtually on April 12-14, 2021 (9:30AM-1:30PM EDT). Building on lessons learned from the initial meeting and its outputs, the 2021 meeting will place a particular focus on the generation of collaborative projects that bring together scientists from across the world. Consistent with the model of the highly successful inaugural GCW, held at the Wellcome Trust in London in 2019, the PRIME-DRE GCW will employ a workshop format that consists of a series of breakout sessions and general discussions across four key topic areas, including:

Topic Area 1: Analysis, Modeling and Informatics: Integrating, Optimizing, and Scaling
Leaders: Sean Froudist-Walsh, Ting Xu, Piotr Majka
Advisors: Damien Fair, Drew Fox, Rogier Mars

Topic Area 2: Multiscale, Multimodal Brain Atlas Generation
Leaders: Henry Evrard, Amir Shmuel, Afonso Silva
Advisors: Pascal Belin, Zheng Wang

Topic Area 3. Circuit-Level Perturbations: Methods and Applications
Leaders: Anna Wang Roe, Melanie Wilke, Chris Klink
Advisors: Sabine Kastner, Wim Vanduffel

Topic Area 4. Generation of Community-level Data Resources
Leaders: Colline Poirier, Suliann Ben Hamed, Takuya Hayashi
Advisors: David Van Essen, Adam Messinger, Chris Petkov

For each Topic Area, there will be a one-hour breakout session and a one-hour group reporting/discussion session. Topic Areas will be organized sequentially over the three days, so that attendees can participate in breakout and reporting sessions for all four Topic Areas.


Please register here at your earliest convenience. Upon registration, we will send you Zoom links for the pre-workshop videoconferences listed below. We ask that everyone register using this link, even if you have previously indicated your intent to attend the PRIME-DRE workshop, as the registration form includes a brief survey that will be helpful for us to learn more about attendees.

Pre-Workshop Videoconference Schedule

Following the model of the inaugural PRIME-DE meeting in 2019, there will be a series of pre-workshop videoconferences to help get the conversations going prior to the workshop on April 12-14. This process is intended to facilitate more mature dialogues and brainstorming sessions at the in-person meeting.

Below is the pre-workshop schedule for each of the Topic Areas, which was based on the mutual availability of Topic Area co-leaders and advisors. Please feel free to join as many videoconferences as you would like – everyone’s participation is encouraged!

Topic 1: Analysis, Modeling and Informatics: Integrating, Optimizing, and Scaling

April 02, 11 AM EDT
April 07, 11 AM EDT

Topic 2: Multiscale, Multimodal Brain Atlas Generation

March 23, 10 AM EDT
April 06, 10 AM EDT

Topic 3: Circuit-Level Perturbations: Methods and Applications

March 30, 10 AM EDT
April 09, 10 AM EDT

Topic 4: Generation of Community-level Data Resources

March 19, 11 AM EDT
March 26, 11 AM EDT

Satellite Event: NHP-focused Brainhack

Following the GCW, there will be a NHP-focused Brainhack held on April 15-16, 2021 (9:30AM-1:30PM EDT) for those interested in a highly interactive two days of sharing ideas, pitching projects and hacking away in an open inclusive environment. You will have the opportunity to sign-up for the Brainhack as part of the PRIME-DRE registration process.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or feedback. We look forward collaborating with you.

The PRIME-DRE Organizing Team