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Name RheMAP
Authors Nikoloz Sirmpilatze (German Primate Center)
Chris Klink (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)
Description Non-linear warps across a set of the most common rhesus macaque brain templates.
Documentation RheMAP on GitHub
Link Dataset of warps and warped templates at Zenodo
Language RheMAP on GitHub includes Jupyter notebooks in Python
Publication Sirmpilatze, Nikoloz and Klink, P. Christiaan (2020). RheMAP: Non-linear warps between common rhesus macaque brain templates (Version 1)[Data set]. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3668510
Communication p.c.klink@gmail.com
Restrictions Please cite the Zenodo dataset when you use this in your work


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