Are you looking for other NHP neuroimaging researchers to discuss practical issues, brainstorm about new research ideas, build a network, or find collaborators? You can use one of our contact options, explore the colaborative projects open to contributors on our collaborations page or explore a community-driven initiative from the list below. If you think we should add something to this list, let us know.

Global Collaboration Workshops

The PRIME-DRE community aims to meet every two years to discuss progress and future efforts. You can find more info on these meetings here:


You can read about the PRIME-DE and PRIME-RE inititatives here:

Many PRIME-DRE affiliates have contributed to a special issue of NeuroImage dedicated to NHP neuroimaging.


Standardization, pipelines, analytics

International Regulation, 3Rs, Metadata

Generation of Community-led Resources

Brain pertubation - systems & circuits

Ultra-high field imaging

Discovery papers

Relevant articles in other journals




We would be happy to list other useful publications for the NHP neuroimaging community (but have no ambition to recreate Pubmed or Google Scholar). Feel free to get in touch with us if there is a publication that could be added here.