Electrical stimulation and neuroimaging

We are currently working on a paper on the combination of brain perturbation approaches and neuroimaging in NHP and will update these papers with collected information later.

Some additional information:

Electrical stimulation and neuroimaging: humans and macaques

Authors : F Rocchi*, H Oya*, F Balezeau, AJ Billig, Z Kocsis, RL Jenison, KV Nourski, CK Kovach, M Steinschneider, Y Kikuchi, AE Rhone, BJ Dlouhy, H Kawasaki, R Adolphs, JDW Greenlee, TD Griffiths, MA Howard III, CI Petkov
Description : Comparative human and monkey combined electrical stimulation and fMRI.
Documentation : Common Fronto-temporal Effective Connectivity in Humans and Monkeys: This paper and resource establishes a comparative es-fMRI resource in human neurosurgery patients and monkeys. The work also establishes considerable correspondence between fronto-temporal auditory cognitive systems involving ventro-lateral prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. The data in monkeys are shared via PRIME-DE and the human data via OpenNeuro. The data are also available in the Open Science Framework. Human datasets also include the electrical tractography data.
Link : OSF
Publication : Pre-accepted in Neuron
Communication : E-mail Chris Petkov or Fabien Balezeau
Restrictions : No restrictions

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