Cross-species analysis



Cross-species alignment

Authors : Ting Xu, Karl-Heinz Nenning
Description : This repo includes 1) landmarks for the macaque-human alignment, 2) functional phylogenetic map (functional connectivity homology index) between macaque and human, 3) evolutional surface area expansion (macaque-to-human), 4) cross-species parcellations (human-to-macaque: Glasser2016, Yeo2011, Broadmann parcellations on the macaque surfaces; macaque-to-human: Markov2014 and Broadmann parcellations on human HCP surface, and 5) human (Human Connectome Project [HCP]) and macaque (MacaqueYerkes19) surfaces.
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Language : shell, workbench
Publication : Xu, Nenning et al., 2020
Communication : GitHub profile or email
Restrictions : Please cite the above publication and the github repo