Diffusion analysis



Diffusion-MRI by Rakshit

Authors : Rakshit Dadarwal
Description : These Jupyter notebooks showcase an example of diffusion MRI preprocessing and analysis with python. They include steps for basic preprocessing (denoising, susceptibility-induced distortion correction, eddy current-induced distortion and motion correction), model fitting (DTI, DKI, NODDI) and calculation of parametric maps. These steps use functions from DIPY, FSL, and AMICO.
Documentation : Jupyter notebooks on GitHub
Link : GitHub link
Language : Python
Publication : -
Communication : GitHub profile
Restrictions : None

MR Comparative Anatomy Toolbox (MrCat)

Authors : Rogier B. Mars, Lennart Verhagen, and the members and collaborators of the Cognitive Neuroecology Lab
Description : A collection of tools for processing of multi-species neuroimaging data.
Documentation : Online doc
Link : www.neuroecologylab.org
Language : shell, matlab
Publication : Mars et al. 2016, among others
Communication : www.neuroecologylab.org
Restrictions : None