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Juna.Chimp Templates & Davi130 parcellation

Authors : Sam Vickery, William D Hopkins, Chet C Sherwood, Steven J Schapiro, Jona Fischer , Robert D Latzman, Svenja Caspers, Christian Gaser, Simon B Eickhoff, Robert Dahnke , Felix Hoffstaedter
Description : We provide a chimpanzee structural T1w template, chimpanzee tissue probability maps (TPM), and a manual macroanatomical parcellation of the chimpanzee brain which can be interactively viewed through a web viewer. Additionally, we supply an exemplar preprocessing pipeline using CAT12 with the required templates including a chimpanzee geodesic shooting template.
Documentation : GitHub
Link :
Language : Volumetric files are in NIFTI (.nii) format, matlab
Publication : Vickery et al. (2020)
Communication : email or open an issue
Restrictions : Please cite our publication if you use this resource.

National Chimpanzee Brain Resource

Authors : NCBR Team
Description : The National Chimpanzee Brain Resource (NCBR) has the aim of facilitating research advancement through the collection and distribution of chimpanzee neuroimaging data and postmortem brain tissue. The NCBR also serves as a portal to access chimpanzee brain atlas tools, data repository, bibliography of publications, educational information, and links to other chimpanzee brain resources and datasets on the Internet.
Documentation : NCBR
Link : NCBR
Language : Website in English
Publication : NCBR related publications
Communication : NCBR Team
Restrictions : None indicated.